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Children of the Stars' Journal
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Sunday, December 24th, 2006
12:28 pm
I have missed you ...
It's true that I have missed all of you. I have been in the shadows ... for a very long time. That was mostly due to personal reasons. Well, as this year ends ... a new one will be upon us very soon. We will enter a new phase here. I personally brace myself for the 4th year anniversary of the vision. Some of you might remember what that is. Anyhow, in many of nightly travels ... I have seen glimpses of what lies ahead. This new year will bring about the ultimate awareness of who we are and why we are here. Our enemies will become clear. The fog will dissipate and the beginning of the end will once again resume its race. Yes, a race ... because it works towards defeating us before we can fight it. Now is the time to look deep inside of ourselves and see the truth. We all carry the knowledge and the authority to step forth into our destinies. Oh and you all have such glorious destinies in your own respective rights. I will say now ... that I am proud of all of you. I fear that this will be the only time you shall hear that from me. Time runs short. No more hesitations. Ready your weapons .... don your battlegear!! Be ready ... that familiar feeling will come soon when you least expect it. I shall send all of you a guide to suit your upcoming needs. These guides will protect you but do not lean solely on this. Lean on your instinct and the knowledge that you will win! My guides have been working ardently this past year to become worthy companions of the children. I am sorry that I can not myself do more. I can only send out my magick in lieu of my absence. 

I love you all my children. Be aware of this and know that I speak the truth.

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Sunday, April 9th, 2006
1:31 am
Some Otherkin information gained by a personal study of mine.
Far as anyone can tell, Otherkin exist in virtually every form possible. I and my various groups have never, even once, seen a person with anything but a human form. And yes, that does include people stripping down to nothing to, as they say, 'try and prove what I am'. I, as well as nearly a hundred others with me, have never seen a tail, ears, fur, scales, claws, or wings. Although, several of my shaman allies DO note the psychic/astral differences than any other human, and that is on a very tiny percentage, perhaps 2-3 of 100 people examined. Of those 2-3 people, 90% or close to, have been accurately labeled as true Otherkin.

The difference between true Otherkin and humanity, is, for a start, mood. True Otherkin mostly want to be left alone. Silent, deep thinkers, people that reflect and examine everything they have seen, done, heard, felt, smelled, tasted, or thought of. Otherkin, as a rule, tend to become defense at a strong, searching look, and are then prone to progressive violence when one feels even the barest hints of danger.

The second note, is that many true Otherkin seem to have a good grasp of their surroundings. When blindfolded heavy, most are able to turn several times, and point out a person at will, by both a range of feet or yards, and approximate position relative to them, whether higher or lower on the ground. At least, if they know the target's given name. Bear in mind that the Otherkin able to do it, run about 70%. The other 30%, half of which are unable to register an exact location within 10% off, and the other half within more than 25% off.

The third note, is that true Otherkin seem to dislike being around concentrations of people, Otherkin notwithstanding. Within range of my Razors or Living Storm members, an increasingly paranoid and defensive situation occurs to Otherkin. Natural instincts, I believe; most of the Razors are trained thieves, melee combatants, and information specialists, and as such, quite literally radiate hostility. Most of them, in one form or another including myself, have had bad experiences with people attempting to prove themselves as Otherkin. Mostly from trying to show off their 'special abilities'. Or even trying their hand at what they deem spellcasting... I don't think raising one's hand and calling out, in English, "Acid Shower!" is going to do anything, if you don't have the proper ability and energy to -do- it. Idiocy seems rampant, considering that 97-98% of the tested 'Otherkin' prove to be nothing but human. I do not apologize for being blunt on such matters, and I don't feel wrong in calling someone a liar, or a stupid son of a bitch, if they've lied to me to begin with.

The fourth, and final note? Furries. Fuck. No. Every single supposed 'Otherkin' that claims to be a 'furry' or anything similar, has not once proven to be true. I have a complete hatred and utter disgust for anyone that claims to be a 'furry Otherkin'. It's demeaning to the true Otherkin, and a personal insult to several of my Razors.

Otherkin, in most examples, don't really show up as any one 'creature'. Mostly, it's the psychic or astral differences in spirit. The body sometimes shows characteristics that may be deemed 'better than human', but nothing excelling examples shown beforehand. For the larger number of Otherkin, the psychic or astral differences don't conform to any set standard. Individually, Otherkin are more diverse than previously thought. Each Otherkin is almost fully unique, besides giving off a latent energy signature that is similar to many others of the same strength and physical dexterity, making an individual hard to track, even for me, unless the individual's complexities were well known.

Another, lesser known bit of knowledge about Otherkin, is the fact that many of them are nearly invisible to most humans. The Otherkin group within the Razors have made their way through crowds, completely un-noticed, several times during trials. It seems as if there is either a human aversion to them, or just the blatant capability to 'feel' ignored to the point where not one human even seems to notice being shouldered, or hit in one case.

This information was conceived over the course of the past 6 months through testing of the Razors' Otherkin members. It wasn't fun, considering the Razors are already a very lonely group, but this further demonstrates key points of Otherkin I hadn't taken time to study and thoroughly test. Although I don't consider the ability to slip un-noticed amongst regular humans 'perfect', it seems useful enough. Possibly as a survival mechanism, even.

As for the humans claiming to be Otherkin, I did notice an increasing trend towards RPGesque.. circumstances. To take from one studied entrant via tape recordings:

"Like, whenever creatures come, I go from wherever I am, and I go to this place that lets me morph into a Werewolf, and go out to fight evil. Some days there's other Were people out with me, and one guy turns into this huge dragon with metal horns, and there's another girl that can't morph into anything, so she wears a mecha suit. There's this sorceress that throws lightning, fire and ice, and there's a pair of half-vampire Otherkin that turn into paladins..."

.... Yes, that was a REAL conversation that was recorded. And no, that's not a fucking joke, people. Otherkin are a serious matter, and it's morons like those above that make it disgusting to be a true Otherkin, knowing that there are pretenders willing to say, AND do anything in order to prove themselves what they are not. Take that in mind, the next time someone starts bitching about how no one recognizes them as the most powerful force in the world.

Hell, I'm not the most powerful force in the world, and the White Queen damn well knows that. And well does everyone that knows me personally. The most powerful force in this world, is the world itself. In it? Huh, well, I'd rather not meet whoever or whatever that is.

Otherkin, give yourselves, and your fellows, a break. You don't have to feel so lonely. Even though there aren't truly that many of you, be comforted by the fact that people like my Razors and Living Storm care about the real Otherkin that no one else sees.


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Monday, February 6th, 2006
5:27 am
Ahh yes.. the subject comes up 'once' again.
I'm getting a little pissed off. First of all, who the hell knows where I am? Goddamn you ignorant asshats. Being disturbed isn't something I like. Next time 'you' know, might wake up with me standing on your head pulling a trigger or two. Or a grenade might just be jammed shut in your superglued mouth.

Now that that's outta my system, I praise the Children for, well, a minor victory. Children of the Stars, 1, those against them, 2. Score is almost even. Hop to it, I oughta say, but no, fuck it, not my issue. I only step in when the White Queen asks nowadays, growing bored of the petty things. Petty, yeah, like the assholes on the Children of Stars group that posted. Stealing from the Simpson's, funny harhar, little bitches. The Copyright Police should see this, maybe can a fucker/pair of fuckers/more than three fuckers for something as blatantly ignorant as that. Inconsiderate fame-whoring sons of bitches/daughters of bitches. Foul I might be, but that's just plain disgusting. Moronic inbred chunk of the human race, must be. Either that or some odd-off Otherkin just sleazing him/her/itself to attempt humor. Bah.

As the Queen of Air should know, or maybe even not, I've found Veka's companion in rather sad shape. And only she can answer just what in fucking Hades happened to the poor bastich, since he tells me that she was the last person he remembers in his sight. Whether or not it was her fault, I still place the blame of harm on a personal guardian square on her shoulders until this matter is resolved. And I'm really concerned about why Veka's connection to him has been 'destroyed'. You got a handle on what I'm telling you Jace? Hope so.

Something bugged me a while back. Had a man calling himself 'Taren Long' asking about the Children of the Stars in a cafe near here. Out of the blue, middle of town, and people started staring. Whoever he is, he's onto someone. Haha, and he couldn't see an ex-comrade of the Children if it was nailed to his ass on a prismatic billboard. But be warned, there are people asking about, all over the country. My ears and eyes snicker, but I'm not. Long as the White Queen and the Queen of Air are safe, I don't really care about the rest of the Children.

Oh yeah, and whoever you are, White Queen included, stop trying to summon me, please. The back of my head feels like it just imploded. Don't care who, just knock it off. Getting tired of it, and your ability to summon people is deliriously SUCKING at this rate. Might need to take a breath. Take a year off, learn what you're doing, then start again.


P.S., anyone know where a guy named Jonathan Boltran got to? Lost him after he wrote me from Texas. If you see him, just post it somewhere on my journal, don't care where. Need to talk to him before he gets his fool ass killed.

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Friday, February 3rd, 2006
8:43 am
I've been hearing about otherkin alot more lately...seeing as i'm still clueless about most things; what exactly is otherkin and how do you know you're an otherkin?

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Tuesday, January 17th, 2006
2:07 pm
My watchful eye...
Well, I finally joined under this name, though I dont see how it matters as to why. However, I have been watching this community for quite some time now. I would like to point out a few things. As Jacinda has mentioned, This is a community for learning more about yourself as an otherkin. I would like to point out that this is not for RP, which seems to be a concept that a certain few just cannot grasp. Jacinda was however nice about it, and though I hold no sway, I shall not be as much so. This community cannot be used for its true purpose with people claiming to be from other worlds and ice princesses and what not. It simply sounds rediculous. I can understand if you want to learn more about otherkin, as most of us(I would imagine) do. But for the rp stories and what not, please keep it to journals held elsewhere. I have no interest in it, and it would seem the others find little use for it as well.

On a side note, kinfo, I have written a response to your final survey, though it turned out to be a little long (taking three posts to complete) you should find something amidst all of that to help you on your way.

To the rest of the CoS: Good day to you all. Should anyone agree with my point of view, I would appreciate it if you were to respond to this post. I do not try to speak for everyone, naturally it would do no good. But if you do agree, perhaps there is a point to get across that will make it to where it needs to be.

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Monday, November 28th, 2005
1:53 pm
Final Information Gathering
Good afternoon or what have you.

It has been a while since I have posted here though I have enjoyed reading the various thoughtful and interesting posts that have been offered since.

First of all, thank you all for the responses I have received to date. I have spent months compiling and working through the information collected from my last surveys numbering nearly 400 responses. The amount of assistance has been overwhelming and I am incredibly happy to see such a high level of support.

I also apologize for the level of crossposting but I do wish to get as many of the livejournal communities as I may for there are individuals who belong to only one or another but do not have huge mass membership.

Following is the last survey that I will need for my work. The questions are slightly broader in scope and several will require some thought. There is reason behind each and every one. I have spent the last month and a bit fine tuning the survey and adding questions after conferring with a number of very wise people (both otherkin and human).

I have had some strong interest in the book from several publishers and I am currently looking into which will offer the best price to the buyer as well as the widest possible distribution.

You may answer the survey here OR you may email it directly to kinresearch@gmail.com if you wish to keep your answers private. Information is not shared beyond the core research unless you answer the "bonus" question.

My Final SurveyCollapse )

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Saturday, November 12th, 2005
2:36 pm
Ok, I am sorry I've been away and have been *so* quiet for the last few years when I am the creator and a maintainer for this community.

I have to admit... things here have gotten rather... Dungeons adn Dragonsish... and it's making me sick. I respect that *some* of you actually believe you are otherkin or pleadian, and that is why you are here...

But come on... keep it real, don't post bullshit on here for no reason other than to laugh... it gets rather irritating to those of us who are here to learn from oneanother's experiences.

So please. If you are an alien conqueror or an ice princess or a robot made to protect something... please do me a favor and stop ONLY talking about that... I'm sure you have something to offer the community in ways such as explaining how you came across this "epiphany" or some sort of folklore or SOMETHING...

PLEASE keep on subject of learning and resources.

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Monday, November 7th, 2005
12:03 pm
I am a visitor to your planet from Rigel IV. My kind mastered intergalactic travel eons ago and ventured far and wide to the universe in our whirling saucers. In the "Jurassic Period," we discovered life forms on your planet and obliterated them completely. Centuries later, while on their way to an auspicious offering, a party of our saucers foolishly fared into your solar system and got lost. Idiots turned left instead of right after passing Jupiter...and, long story short, they found other life forms breeding on your planet. In our absence, your planet had been populated by delicious new life. Being a tad hungry, these lost adventurers ate everyone they could and probed the rest. I believe the children of our first victims on your planet still roam among stupid humans.

I, Kodos, and my brother Kang are here as goodwill ambassadors from Rigel IV. We wish to locate the bearers of our seed and take them with us to Rigel IV.

If you think we are your progenitors, you have to tell us why you think so, and why we should believe you.

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Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
11:19 am
hahaha, I've returned. Or so it would seem. I'm such a *bad* maintainer, I've been so busy with life.

Anyway, going to work on some stuff and hopefully be doing some more posting in the next few weeks, lmao. But for now, I must go to class.

just know that I am here.

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5:19 pm
Letter: To the great queens
As you know I, the young queen of ice, is in or could be in possible danger
As an elemental, possessing some power of the cosmos and controlling some weather I need help in protecting the two kingdoms I clearly protect and own.

The first is my home kingdom. Elema, the only kingdom of ice decorated with crystals which I know I have given to you as a present for grand occassions.
The other is Lamaya, the kingdom of lightning, given to me because of the rebellions that happened there and no one wanted to rule it.This is where the lightning bolts are created and forged in the fires of ice I created and some of my kin stay.

Now I fear the worst. My water sister, who I will not name or say due to the act of saying so could summon her close by, has taken over the Earthly realm of Kantua, which is in ruins and is trying to get fixed and banished my Earth sister off her throne. I heard on numerous accounts she has been seen in Lamaya itself on her own without me. She might, I fear, take over Lamaya before Elema, taking me off the throne.

I need people to protect Lamaya, make sure that it does not get taken over by the water elementals and if they take over, floods will happen.The human worlds crumbles as the elemental realms do. I fear for men's well being.

I hope the great queens of power read this and find a way
Elesinal, queen of ice

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Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
1:58 pm
Hey there, just new here.
I knew I was one of nature and magic ever since I was young... but now times have changed.
I am an elemental queen of ice. But all is not good.
I have had control with my sisters on storms. Weeks ago, we were all ticked off and caused a storm here where I live now. But recently, the weatherman said there was going to be another one. As if, we proved that wrong

After getting kidnapped and escaping those rogues from the realm of Elema I decided to go for a walk. accidentally I went through a wrong portal and ended up in a weird graveyard.

It was dark and gloomy and I wore my black cape, so no one would know. I saw graveyards that looked like those bookstands with books like the wizards had. One was eyecatching, but for some reason it made me cry. why though? I did manage to see, however, a black serpent like creature. What was it? I will find out. Even if it means causing another storm.

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Saturday, September 24th, 2005
12:59 pm
Hm ...
Why must I come out from the shadows? I swear ... it just never stops. I made a few visits the other night. Everyone was positively buzzing when I spoke to them. There are some people I have yet to visit. I am so tired inside. I have enough to deal with everyday to add my other "duties" to my plate. Blah. Let us hope that things don't hit the fan.

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Sunday, September 18th, 2005
8:58 am
Sigh ...
There has been some activity here recently. Way too many automobile accidents. Too many deaths. Every time I come around an accident ... a bells goes off in my head that things are not what they appear. SO what do I think? I think they are downsizing ... getting rid of the weaker ones to make room for others they can recruit. I almost fear if they find out I am here. More formalities, politics, another witch hunt. I swore never to place my family in danger again. Not since my last close call. Though, I confess that I am a tad curious about everything. I can guarantee one thing ... they all hang out in Ybor City. Beautiful ... yet deadly. You can see them walking around ... I've seen them myself ... when I pass by Ybor City. I never go into Ybor City ... I mean is there a way to conceal myself so that people do not recognize me or pick on my enegeries? I guess it's all good. If push comes to shove ... I'll go prepared for the worst. Though, it simply boils down to this ... every side wants me ... every side wants to win. They use everything and anything to lure me. I am not happy about this.

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Thursday, September 15th, 2005
6:30 pm
Hm, I suppose...
You all don't want to hear from me. That's probably a good thing, knowing that *I* am the one that invites disaster and discord. Correct? And I can already hear a multiple chorus of 'Yes!' in the minds of many.

As it is, I have no disaster, only discord. My group is gone. Not wiped out, merely... gone. I dismantled the team, put them back to where they lived, and got their jobs back or found new, better ones. I have no more need of my friends dying on me. For going it alone, I've survived this far. Correct, Mother?

It seems that even though the world -revolts- at me, I still manage to find time to laugh at the stupidity of this misbegotten waste of an earthen sphere. And laugh, I always will, at the careless mistake of mine that brought me here, when I should have avoided the questioning gazes of all that ventured into Hades to retrieve me.

You bastards.

None of you should have asked me to come here. But I no longer have to remorse for YOUR actions. At least several pieces of revenge have been given, and several.. more dire enemies slain. But two of you that will eventually read this have brought worse and worse at me as these years go on, and I am tired of the aggravated assaults generated by distrust and wrongful vengeance.

At this time, with my group gone back to their lives, I ask all of you a question.

Would any of you rather I leave soon, or continue to stay here?

I expect no answers, no sadness. I expect nothing, for to expect something is to blunder blindly into possibilities.

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Thursday, August 25th, 2005
6:32 pm
Yeah... I'm going to do it too....
I made a community.... yep.... I really just want to see if there are any Kin in Michigan or surrounding Areas....


yep... =^_^=

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5:27 pm
Sigh ....
Well it has been quite some time now. However, it does not mean that I am unaware of certain things going on out there. I am simply like staying in the shadows. I have always said that the truth can be found there. Anyhow, what is there for me to say? I have recently relocated to the sunshine state. I am adjusting accordingly. I no longer feel that oppression I felt when I lived in Ohio. It was like a huge weight off my shoulders. However, here there is a different sort of oppression. That is something I will explain at another time. However, I am surrounded by so many pixies and sprites. However, I have begun to see the underbelly of this place ... so much demonic influence ... it's a miracle the sun still shines here. I would swear that demons have completely overrun this place. I guess I shouldn't be so judgemental. Oh well. As far as the white queen ... well she is hidden somewheres. I think she is mostly tired. Who wouldn't be? So much going on and so many people who need guidance. I've jokingly asked her to start charging people ... and then she scolds me. *sigh* How I wish I really could be two people at once. But I know that this is not plausible. I am what I am .. and I can only embrace it. Though I confess that my light has been flickering and slowly dying. I do believe that it is temporary due only to the changes I have undergone. In any case ... I am back ... and if you need me ... just write and I shall respond by a first come ... first serve basis. I know so many of you have extensive knowlegde ... however, there is always that missing link. That empty void inside that at times can drive you mad. I should know ... I once felt that way. My gifts are available to all who need them.

Before I go ... I bid welcome to all the new members. I apologize for being away. I feel joy for you my dear Prince Raziel .... yeah I know you. Not even changing your name can keep you hidden from me. May you find what you are looking for in here.

Now ... on to business ... I would like for everyone to share their bio's here. Meaning, names, ages, what kind of kin are you, and what it is you seek. From there I believe we can work a little better.

May the light bless you all my children.

-- The White Queen

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Monday, August 22nd, 2005
8:02 pm
Hello all
Hello to everyone. Ive been aware of this community for quite sometime, though never decided to join it myself. Well Ive finally decided to join myself, though secretly to all those who know me. There is only one person who is part of this community who knows me, and that is the white queen herself. She is also the only reason I have joined. She alone knows me, and knows what I am, and for now, that is how I would like to keep it. So with that said, I would like to say hello to everyone in the community. I hope to make my presence known more in the future, but for now I bid you all farewell.

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Saturday, April 30th, 2005
3:37 am
Ace of Spades
After my midnight to 3 AM walk, I came back to this desk and started playing a game of 'Psychic Guess the Cards'.

First card. "Ace of Spades."

Sure enough, it was the Ace of Spades. Then something started tingling, and I pulled my taroc deck from my left breast pocket, and set it down. Hmm, I said to myself, now what's going on here? Second card from my poker deck. And I got that same tingling.

Second card. "Ace of Spades?"

Yep. I was right. I turned up the other Ace of Spades, and ... it was an ace of spades.

Then I took a look at my taroc deck. I picked up the first card. The Magus. It was referring to me. Then, I picked up the next poker card, and felt a cold chill.

Third card. "You fucking son of a bitch. Ace of Spades."

And it was. I began going through the poker deck, and -every- last card was the Ace of Spades. Now, I might be stoned, but I'm not -THAT- fucking stoned. I reshuffled my taroc deck (An Egyptian set Mr. Knights bought a long, long time ago, well before I was around.) and then laid out the cards in the Criptisma order.

So, I started reading the cards like this (Each | represends a card. Forgetfulness is one of Mr. Knights' trademarks):


When I started turning up the taroc cards, the 'X' started at the top left hand corner with Typhon, the God of Fire and Evil (A person of great power), will destroy the top left hand corner card, The Crowned Pentacle (The ultimate knowledge that someone Mr. Knights is not in knowledge of is seeking) if the bottom left hand card, The Cup (life) does not utilize the bottom right hand card, The Sacrifice (Whatever trade-off a person is willing to commit) in order to protect the center card, The Balance And The Sword (The Balance of this world).

The four cards that implied me said this: The Magus, (First card, far right hand side) will acquire The Sword (A weapon/power of his own doing), but must fight against The Reaping Skeleton (A being far beyond his own means to destroy) in order to reach The Thunder-Struck Tower (The place where the person that represents Typhon can be found and fought).

If I've already picked up Iron Reaver.. what the hell else am I missing? I know that my last days in Hades were a torrid sequence of never-ending battles to prevent me from leaving and journeying to this life, but... what in the name of Unholy do 52 Ace of Spades cards mean?

Even Rachel Walker is lost on this one, Mother. If only Sunaria was able to be contacted, then this would be easier.

-Knights & Nijiko

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Thursday, April 7th, 2005
3:06 pm
A Request for Information
In the research phase for writing a book on otherkin a lot of information needs to be gathered. Please consider taking a moment to answer these basic questions. All questions are optional and please do not attach your name (emails and livejournal names will be stripped from the entries for processing).

Year of Birth:
Country of Residence:
Current career/occupation:
Age at which you "awakened" (or began the process):
Type of otherkin:
Do you believe in reincarnation?:

If you are uncomfortable answering here please feel free to email me at kinresearch@gmail.com

Additionally, I require a large accumulation of information to form a baseline foundation. Please feel free to email this to any otherkin you know who is not on livejournal: distribute personally or to email lists as you wish. All answers can be returned to me at kinresearch@gmail.com

Thank you very much for your response.

(very crossposted)

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Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
1:44 pm
An Introduction and Questions
I am both otherkin and writer. I have been aware of my personal differences for many decades and struggled with my own changes during a time when spirituality was centered around the community church. I currently live in the french part of Canada doing piece work and holding contract based positions. My research and interaction with otherkin communities has been leading to the eventual publication of a book focusing on otherkin.

I have joined this and other communities in order to research and collect information for this book as well as for my own natural curiousity. I do tend to lurk and read more than get involved in discussion.

I would like to ask a few basic questions. Feel free to answer here or to email me directly at kinresearch@gmail.com

Note that by answering you are giving permission to use your response in publication.

Thank you for your assistance and participation.

1. What is your name [optional]
2. What part of the world do you live in [optional]
3. What type of otherkin do you identify as?
4. What is the basis of that identity? Where did it come from or what supports it? Feel free to be as lengthy or concise as you wish.
5. What would you like to see in a book about/for otherkin?

Any suggestions or feedback are always welcome. I can be reached at the above email or through this livejournal. Thank you very much for your response.

(This is very crossposted if you see it several times)

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