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Anjelli-Desonyn Rihc Lramst wu`anei Hmiis Ricth (Angel-War Star Priest called-down Dead Power)

Hmm... a peculiar new facet of something previously unforeseen has really hit me, and is quite the bit of consternation. Explained as follows:

Due to the efforts of others, I have learned that several have proclaimed themselves Star Priests. Now, some may remember the Star Priests of old... bickering, chaotic fools who wished nothing more than power, at the expense of the pain of others. Lately, it has been seemingly endless as to the bickering that has gone on behind closed doors, in front of open doors; and, yes, you all should know few have much to hide; even in public. Normally at this rate, at least one of the more knowledgeable and temper-prone Children would have gone off and slaughtered these idiots, but it does appear that they've gained enough power, and one Child has been killed by this supposed 'group' in retaliation for past events.

The name of the deceased Child is not known, but the description was given to me as follows:

Female, name unknown; was carrying fake ID to identify herself as Cassina Gionova, a Russian business woman who was killed six years ago by assailants not named
Mid-back length naturally green hair, the end cut in a sharp V
Natural dark blue eyes, cat's eye slit in the left eye, right eye normal
Black dragon tattoo; tail begins at middle of right arm, hooked beak ends at middle finger, all black design, no insignia on this tattoo except a red glowing eye, triangle-shaped, instead of draconic eyes
A mark of Pain; three circles in a line, with a sword passing through the circles. The mark is a symbol for a protector of some sort, but it is unknown as to what she defended
One obsidian earring in each ear, unremovable except by cutting free; cabilities unknown
5'3" tall (approximate)
140-160 pounds (approximate)
Three scars 2" down from right ear, shaped like leaves; possibly cut with a kris dagger, due to the jagged scarring on the points of the leaves
Was carrying a stainless steel police-issue tonfa baton, a pair of Damascus throwing knives, with the image of a Valkyrie emblazoned upon the handle of each, and a red bullwhip, 7 feet in length, with a spiked barb on the tip

Currently, nothing was told about the circumstances of her death, nor who killed her. Further research turned up dead nil on anyone around who would have seen anything, but there were numerous burn and scorch marks in the surrounding area, suggesting that she had fought her attacker(s) in broad daylight, viciously and aggressively. Any blood within the area had been doused with chemicals, most likely bleach, formaldehyde, sulphuric acid, or gasoline, in order to prevent being traced back to the owner. Another bit of information is that fragments from a weapon of some sort had been found embedded in her body, but I was not told what possible weapons could have been used.

I know this may not be the right time to put this out, but I apoligize; I would rather people know than not know.

Seems like we really are being hunted, again.

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