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The inscription of those words were made in remembrace on the coffin of this particular Child, who was apparently named Tameru. Her second (and possible third) name is unknown. What I do know is that she was attempting to bring down several of them who were past enemies of hers, and whatever allies she may have had were not around. Just like everything else, I've not even found the obituary in the papers. Figures, places like these.

The list of transgressions that she apparently did against them goes on like a bad rap sheet that you know was forged; everything from killing children to destroying homes, desecrating their temples, things I would normally do to eradicate something. All of it bullshit, I'd be willing to place my neck on. They must be having a hard time within their own ranks, trying to keep everyone from degenerating into multiple groups. It'd be easier to track them down and eliminate one by one that way, but, if anyone has something against them, the Razor's Edge and I are going to make a move on the priests. If they get hostile, so much to the better.

Anything that anyone knows about these bastards would be helpful, I really don't want to get blind-sided like a few other times I could mention. *chuckles*

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