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Just a little trip on the wild ride.

Since SOMEONE decided to try and interfere with my research, I guess I'll tell what I've been doing recently.

For the past few weeks (when I haven't been working. Yeah, I work, so don't bother me. Shoo dragon, go away, come again and I'll bite your wings off in another way) I've been going around to some of the more 'dangerous' places within twenty miles of me, trying to pick up anything useful; knowledge, weapons, etc., you all know the gig. And I've found a few people, or been found (usually by way of someone mentioning my name to them as the guy that knows-it-all) that *may* or may not have deep pasts, being as 'screwed up' as they think they are. But really, there's a good number of those in proximity to me that I have heard or known of so far, although they haven't been around me. Mostly, they're hangers-on or people that were hired to do something really nasty or to do bitch-work that others couldn't handle, and... they're okay. I guess. It's not like I've taken the time to get to *know* them all, but then again, THAT'S not -my- job to.

In other news.. my peoples:

One of the best buddies I've picked up so far is a decent guy in appearance. Except his hands shake sometimes. Too much time with a long-necked bottle sticking to his hand. He's pretty much a brother to me. We fight, train, drink, and shoot together. Not to mention smash & key cars, steal wallets, and generally cause massive amounts of unrest to those that neither he or I like. He used to be called Rafiel-of-Shadow, a name that sticks like a crazed drunk to a bottle of gin. Or whatever else crazed drunks like to drink. And don't touch my fucking Crown Royal or I'll roll your eyes back into the sockets, make them turn green and start bleeding black slime! .... Or not. I would much prefer to just make someone sit and bleed. Heh. Oh well.

Since SAID PERSON isn't available to lambast, I won't post anything unnecessarily crazy or anything about the insanity of my or others' minds.

Tune in next week for another mind-splitting adventure with Maverik and Rafiel, when they go to a local hospital that was shut down in the '50's, and is now haunted with a giant, 8-foot tall hound!

-Maverik Knights
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