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Ace of Spades

After my midnight to 3 AM walk, I came back to this desk and started playing a game of 'Psychic Guess the Cards'.

First card. "Ace of Spades."

Sure enough, it was the Ace of Spades. Then something started tingling, and I pulled my taroc deck from my left breast pocket, and set it down. Hmm, I said to myself, now what's going on here? Second card from my poker deck. And I got that same tingling.

Second card. "Ace of Spades?"

Yep. I was right. I turned up the other Ace of Spades, and ... it was an ace of spades.

Then I took a look at my taroc deck. I picked up the first card. The Magus. It was referring to me. Then, I picked up the next poker card, and felt a cold chill.

Third card. "You fucking son of a bitch. Ace of Spades."

And it was. I began going through the poker deck, and -every- last card was the Ace of Spades. Now, I might be stoned, but I'm not -THAT- fucking stoned. I reshuffled my taroc deck (An Egyptian set Mr. Knights bought a long, long time ago, well before I was around.) and then laid out the cards in the Criptisma order.

So, I started reading the cards like this (Each | represends a card. Forgetfulness is one of Mr. Knights' trademarks):


When I started turning up the taroc cards, the 'X' started at the top left hand corner with Typhon, the God of Fire and Evil (A person of great power), will destroy the top left hand corner card, The Crowned Pentacle (The ultimate knowledge that someone Mr. Knights is not in knowledge of is seeking) if the bottom left hand card, The Cup (life) does not utilize the bottom right hand card, The Sacrifice (Whatever trade-off a person is willing to commit) in order to protect the center card, The Balance And The Sword (The Balance of this world).

The four cards that implied me said this: The Magus, (First card, far right hand side) will acquire The Sword (A weapon/power of his own doing), but must fight against The Reaping Skeleton (A being far beyond his own means to destroy) in order to reach The Thunder-Struck Tower (The place where the person that represents Typhon can be found and fought).

If I've already picked up Iron Reaver.. what the hell else am I missing? I know that my last days in Hades were a torrid sequence of never-ending battles to prevent me from leaving and journeying to this life, but... what in the name of Unholy do 52 Ace of Spades cards mean?

Even Rachel Walker is lost on this one, Mother. If only Sunaria was able to be contacted, then this would be easier.

-Knights & Nijiko
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