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Well it has been quite some time now. However, it does not mean that I am unaware of certain things going on out there. I am simply like staying in the shadows. I have always said that the truth can be found there. Anyhow, what is there for me to say? I have recently relocated to the sunshine state. I am adjusting accordingly. I no longer feel that oppression I felt when I lived in Ohio. It was like a huge weight off my shoulders. However, here there is a different sort of oppression. That is something I will explain at another time. However, I am surrounded by so many pixies and sprites. However, I have begun to see the underbelly of this place ... so much demonic influence ... it's a miracle the sun still shines here. I would swear that demons have completely overrun this place. I guess I shouldn't be so judgemental. Oh well. As far as the white queen ... well she is hidden somewheres. I think she is mostly tired. Who wouldn't be? So much going on and so many people who need guidance. I've jokingly asked her to start charging people ... and then she scolds me. *sigh* How I wish I really could be two people at once. But I know that this is not plausible. I am what I am .. and I can only embrace it. Though I confess that my light has been flickering and slowly dying. I do believe that it is temporary due only to the changes I have undergone. In any case ... I am back ... and if you need me ... just write and I shall respond by a first come ... first serve basis. I know so many of you have extensive knowlegde ... however, there is always that missing link. That empty void inside that at times can drive you mad. I should know ... I once felt that way. My gifts are available to all who need them.

Before I go ... I bid welcome to all the new members. I apologize for being away. I feel joy for you my dear Prince Raziel .... yeah I know you. Not even changing your name can keep you hidden from me. May you find what you are looking for in here.

Now ... on to business ... I would like for everyone to share their bio's here. Meaning, names, ages, what kind of kin are you, and what it is you seek. From there I believe we can work a little better.

May the light bless you all my children.

-- The White Queen
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