Maverik Arxial Knights & Kiyoto Scythen Nijiko (ex_warstar150) wrote in childrenofstars,
Maverik Arxial Knights & Kiyoto Scythen Nijiko

Hm, I suppose...

You all don't want to hear from me. That's probably a good thing, knowing that *I* am the one that invites disaster and discord. Correct? And I can already hear a multiple chorus of 'Yes!' in the minds of many.

As it is, I have no disaster, only discord. My group is gone. Not wiped out, merely... gone. I dismantled the team, put them back to where they lived, and got their jobs back or found new, better ones. I have no more need of my friends dying on me. For going it alone, I've survived this far. Correct, Mother?

It seems that even though the world -revolts- at me, I still manage to find time to laugh at the stupidity of this misbegotten waste of an earthen sphere. And laugh, I always will, at the careless mistake of mine that brought me here, when I should have avoided the questioning gazes of all that ventured into Hades to retrieve me.

You bastards.

None of you should have asked me to come here. But I no longer have to remorse for YOUR actions. At least several pieces of revenge have been given, and several.. more dire enemies slain. But two of you that will eventually read this have brought worse and worse at me as these years go on, and I am tired of the aggravated assaults generated by distrust and wrongful vengeance.

At this time, with my group gone back to their lives, I ask all of you a question.

Would any of you rather I leave soon, or continue to stay here?

I expect no answers, no sadness. I expect nothing, for to expect something is to blunder blindly into possibilities.
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