Prophet of God (thewhitequeen) wrote in childrenofstars,
Prophet of God

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Sigh ...

There has been some activity here recently. Way too many automobile accidents. Too many deaths. Every time I come around an accident ... a bells goes off in my head that things are not what they appear. SO what do I think? I think they are downsizing ... getting rid of the weaker ones to make room for others they can recruit. I almost fear if they find out I am here. More formalities, politics, another witch hunt. I swore never to place my family in danger again. Not since my last close call. Though, I confess that I am a tad curious about everything. I can guarantee one thing ... they all hang out in Ybor City. Beautiful ... yet deadly. You can see them walking around ... I've seen them myself ... when I pass by Ybor City. I never go into Ybor City ... I mean is there a way to conceal myself so that people do not recognize me or pick on my enegeries? I guess it's all good. If push comes to shove ... I'll go prepared for the worst. Though, it simply boils down to this ... every side wants me ... every side wants to win. They use everything and anything to lure me. I am not happy about this.
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