Tania (psychic_of_ice) wrote in childrenofstars,

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Hey there, just new here.
I knew I was one of nature and magic ever since I was young... but now times have changed.
I am an elemental queen of ice. But all is not good.
I have had control with my sisters on storms. Weeks ago, we were all ticked off and caused a storm here where I live now. But recently, the weatherman said there was going to be another one. As if, we proved that wrong

After getting kidnapped and escaping those rogues from the realm of Elema I decided to go for a walk. accidentally I went through a wrong portal and ended up in a weird graveyard.

It was dark and gloomy and I wore my black cape, so no one would know. I saw graveyards that looked like those bookstands with books like the wizards had. One was eyecatching, but for some reason it made me cry. why though? I did manage to see, however, a black serpent like creature. What was it? I will find out. Even if it means causing another storm.
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