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Letter: To the great queens

As you know I, the young queen of ice, is in or could be in possible danger
As an elemental, possessing some power of the cosmos and controlling some weather I need help in protecting the two kingdoms I clearly protect and own.

The first is my home kingdom. Elema, the only kingdom of ice decorated with crystals which I know I have given to you as a present for grand occassions.
The other is Lamaya, the kingdom of lightning, given to me because of the rebellions that happened there and no one wanted to rule it.This is where the lightning bolts are created and forged in the fires of ice I created and some of my kin stay.

Now I fear the worst. My water sister, who I will not name or say due to the act of saying so could summon her close by, has taken over the Earthly realm of Kantua, which is in ruins and is trying to get fixed and banished my Earth sister off her throne. I heard on numerous accounts she has been seen in Lamaya itself on her own without me. She might, I fear, take over Lamaya before Elema, taking me off the throne.

I need people to protect Lamaya, make sure that it does not get taken over by the water elementals and if they take over, floods will happen.The human worlds crumbles as the elemental realms do. I fear for men's well being.

I hope the great queens of power read this and find a way
Elesinal, queen of ice
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