Lady Jacinda of Air (ladyofair) wrote in childrenofstars,
Lady Jacinda of Air


Ok, I am sorry I've been away and have been *so* quiet for the last few years when I am the creator and a maintainer for this community.

I have to admit... things here have gotten rather... Dungeons adn Dragonsish... and it's making me sick. I respect that *some* of you actually believe you are otherkin or pleadian, and that is why you are here...

But come on... keep it real, don't post bullshit on here for no reason other than to laugh... it gets rather irritating to those of us who are here to learn from oneanother's experiences.

So please. If you are an alien conqueror or an ice princess or a robot made to protect something... please do me a favor and stop ONLY talking about that... I'm sure you have something to offer the community in ways such as explaining how you came across this "epiphany" or some sort of folklore or SOMETHING...

PLEASE keep on subject of learning and resources.
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