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Ahh yes.. the subject comes up 'once' again.

I'm getting a little pissed off. First of all, who the hell knows where I am? Goddamn you ignorant asshats. Being disturbed isn't something I like. Next time 'you' know, might wake up with me standing on your head pulling a trigger or two. Or a grenade might just be jammed shut in your superglued mouth.

Now that that's outta my system, I praise the Children for, well, a minor victory. Children of the Stars, 1, those against them, 2. Score is almost even. Hop to it, I oughta say, but no, fuck it, not my issue. I only step in when the White Queen asks nowadays, growing bored of the petty things. Petty, yeah, like the assholes on the Children of Stars group that posted. Stealing from the Simpson's, funny harhar, little bitches. The Copyright Police should see this, maybe can a fucker/pair of fuckers/more than three fuckers for something as blatantly ignorant as that. Inconsiderate fame-whoring sons of bitches/daughters of bitches. Foul I might be, but that's just plain disgusting. Moronic inbred chunk of the human race, must be. Either that or some odd-off Otherkin just sleazing him/her/itself to attempt humor. Bah.

As the Queen of Air should know, or maybe even not, I've found Veka's companion in rather sad shape. And only she can answer just what in fucking Hades happened to the poor bastich, since he tells me that she was the last person he remembers in his sight. Whether or not it was her fault, I still place the blame of harm on a personal guardian square on her shoulders until this matter is resolved. And I'm really concerned about why Veka's connection to him has been 'destroyed'. You got a handle on what I'm telling you Jace? Hope so.

Something bugged me a while back. Had a man calling himself 'Taren Long' asking about the Children of the Stars in a cafe near here. Out of the blue, middle of town, and people started staring. Whoever he is, he's onto someone. Haha, and he couldn't see an ex-comrade of the Children if it was nailed to his ass on a prismatic billboard. But be warned, there are people asking about, all over the country. My ears and eyes snicker, but I'm not. Long as the White Queen and the Queen of Air are safe, I don't really care about the rest of the Children.

Oh yeah, and whoever you are, White Queen included, stop trying to summon me, please. The back of my head feels like it just imploded. Don't care who, just knock it off. Getting tired of it, and your ability to summon people is deliriously SUCKING at this rate. Might need to take a breath. Take a year off, learn what you're doing, then start again.


P.S., anyone know where a guy named Jonathan Boltran got to? Lost him after he wrote me from Texas. If you see him, just post it somewhere on my journal, don't care where. Need to talk to him before he gets his fool ass killed.
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