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Maverik Arxial Knights & Kiyoto Scythen Nijiko

Some Otherkin information gained by a personal study of mine.

Far as anyone can tell, Otherkin exist in virtually every form possible. I and my various groups have never, even once, seen a person with anything but a human form. And yes, that does include people stripping down to nothing to, as they say, 'try and prove what I am'. I, as well as nearly a hundred others with me, have never seen a tail, ears, fur, scales, claws, or wings. Although, several of my shaman allies DO note the psychic/astral differences than any other human, and that is on a very tiny percentage, perhaps 2-3 of 100 people examined. Of those 2-3 people, 90% or close to, have been accurately labeled as true Otherkin.

The difference between true Otherkin and humanity, is, for a start, mood. True Otherkin mostly want to be left alone. Silent, deep thinkers, people that reflect and examine everything they have seen, done, heard, felt, smelled, tasted, or thought of. Otherkin, as a rule, tend to become defense at a strong, searching look, and are then prone to progressive violence when one feels even the barest hints of danger.

The second note, is that many true Otherkin seem to have a good grasp of their surroundings. When blindfolded heavy, most are able to turn several times, and point out a person at will, by both a range of feet or yards, and approximate position relative to them, whether higher or lower on the ground. At least, if they know the target's given name. Bear in mind that the Otherkin able to do it, run about 70%. The other 30%, half of which are unable to register an exact location within 10% off, and the other half within more than 25% off.

The third note, is that true Otherkin seem to dislike being around concentrations of people, Otherkin notwithstanding. Within range of my Razors or Living Storm members, an increasingly paranoid and defensive situation occurs to Otherkin. Natural instincts, I believe; most of the Razors are trained thieves, melee combatants, and information specialists, and as such, quite literally radiate hostility. Most of them, in one form or another including myself, have had bad experiences with people attempting to prove themselves as Otherkin. Mostly from trying to show off their 'special abilities'. Or even trying their hand at what they deem spellcasting... I don't think raising one's hand and calling out, in English, "Acid Shower!" is going to do anything, if you don't have the proper ability and energy to -do- it. Idiocy seems rampant, considering that 97-98% of the tested 'Otherkin' prove to be nothing but human. I do not apologize for being blunt on such matters, and I don't feel wrong in calling someone a liar, or a stupid son of a bitch, if they've lied to me to begin with.

The fourth, and final note? Furries. Fuck. No. Every single supposed 'Otherkin' that claims to be a 'furry' or anything similar, has not once proven to be true. I have a complete hatred and utter disgust for anyone that claims to be a 'furry Otherkin'. It's demeaning to the true Otherkin, and a personal insult to several of my Razors.

Otherkin, in most examples, don't really show up as any one 'creature'. Mostly, it's the psychic or astral differences in spirit. The body sometimes shows characteristics that may be deemed 'better than human', but nothing excelling examples shown beforehand. For the larger number of Otherkin, the psychic or astral differences don't conform to any set standard. Individually, Otherkin are more diverse than previously thought. Each Otherkin is almost fully unique, besides giving off a latent energy signature that is similar to many others of the same strength and physical dexterity, making an individual hard to track, even for me, unless the individual's complexities were well known.

Another, lesser known bit of knowledge about Otherkin, is the fact that many of them are nearly invisible to most humans. The Otherkin group within the Razors have made their way through crowds, completely un-noticed, several times during trials. It seems as if there is either a human aversion to them, or just the blatant capability to 'feel' ignored to the point where not one human even seems to notice being shouldered, or hit in one case.

This information was conceived over the course of the past 6 months through testing of the Razors' Otherkin members. It wasn't fun, considering the Razors are already a very lonely group, but this further demonstrates key points of Otherkin I hadn't taken time to study and thoroughly test. Although I don't consider the ability to slip un-noticed amongst regular humans 'perfect', it seems useful enough. Possibly as a survival mechanism, even.

As for the humans claiming to be Otherkin, I did notice an increasing trend towards RPGesque.. circumstances. To take from one studied entrant via tape recordings:

"Like, whenever creatures come, I go from wherever I am, and I go to this place that lets me morph into a Werewolf, and go out to fight evil. Some days there's other Were people out with me, and one guy turns into this huge dragon with metal horns, and there's another girl that can't morph into anything, so she wears a mecha suit. There's this sorceress that throws lightning, fire and ice, and there's a pair of half-vampire Otherkin that turn into paladins..."

.... Yes, that was a REAL conversation that was recorded. And no, that's not a fucking joke, people. Otherkin are a serious matter, and it's morons like those above that make it disgusting to be a true Otherkin, knowing that there are pretenders willing to say, AND do anything in order to prove themselves what they are not. Take that in mind, the next time someone starts bitching about how no one recognizes them as the most powerful force in the world.

Hell, I'm not the most powerful force in the world, and the White Queen damn well knows that. And well does everyone that knows me personally. The most powerful force in this world, is the world itself. In it? Huh, well, I'd rather not meet whoever or whatever that is.

Otherkin, give yourselves, and your fellows, a break. You don't have to feel so lonely. Even though there aren't truly that many of you, be comforted by the fact that people like my Razors and Living Storm care about the real Otherkin that no one else sees.

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