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I have missed you ...

It's true that I have missed all of you. I have been in the shadows ... for a very long time. That was mostly due to personal reasons. Well, as this year ends ... a new one will be upon us very soon. We will enter a new phase here. I personally brace myself for the 4th year anniversary of the vision. Some of you might remember what that is. Anyhow, in many of nightly travels ... I have seen glimpses of what lies ahead. This new year will bring about the ultimate awareness of who we are and why we are here. Our enemies will become clear. The fog will dissipate and the beginning of the end will once again resume its race. Yes, a race ... because it works towards defeating us before we can fight it. Now is the time to look deep inside of ourselves and see the truth. We all carry the knowledge and the authority to step forth into our destinies. Oh and you all have such glorious destinies in your own respective rights. I will say now ... that I am proud of all of you. I fear that this will be the only time you shall hear that from me. Time runs short. No more hesitations. Ready your weapons .... don your battlegear!! Be ready ... that familiar feeling will come soon when you least expect it. I shall send all of you a guide to suit your upcoming needs. These guides will protect you but do not lean solely on this. Lean on your instinct and the knowledge that you will win! My guides have been working ardently this past year to become worthy companions of the children. I am sorry that I can not myself do more. I can only send out my magick in lieu of my absence. 

I love you all my children. Be aware of this and know that I speak the truth.
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